Currently, we are offering an all-inclusive interactive opportunity to individuals and groups of no more than 5 to meet, greet and explore our grounds and animals.

This will give the chance for yourself, our community, families, and business to get a true understanding of who we are and what we will be achieving. You will get an up-close and personal view on the meaningful interactions created and see firsthand the positive effects of the human and animal bond and what is created.

Contact us to schedule your experience today!

We are also very excited about other programs that will be offered in the future as our team grows.  These programs will be catered to a more personalized experience.  Our menagerie will provide an environment of growth and healing for children and young adults affected by emotional trauma, depression, and mental illness, through animal-assisted interventions. We will keep you posted when these experiences are available

“Healing hearts and mending minds”

Animal therapy, also called pet therapy, refers to services using animals to help people with specific physical or mental health conditions.

Animal therapy builds on a concept called the human-animal bond, which describes people’s desire to interact with and relate to animals. For many people, by interacting with a friendly animal, they can form a bond with them. This bond can produce a calming state in the person. 

This bond itself may help the person in several ways, such as: 

  • reducing boredom
  • increasing movement and activity through walks and play
  • providing companionship and decreasing loneliness
  • increasing social interactions
  • improving mood and general well-being