As a 501c3, not-for-profit organization, volunteers and donations are at the heart of what keeps us running.

General Donation:

Your donation helps fund the proper shelter, nutrition, veterinary care, and well-being of all of our animals. Most if not all, of our animals, have come from un-ideal situations. In giving back we want to provide the most optimal care to show our appreciation of how they touch and affect our lives. Your support also allows us to take in more animals with specialized situations.

Donations can be made via:

PayPal – @MeaningfulMenagerie

Venmo – @MeaningfulMenagerie

Or by sending a check to: Meaningful Menagerie, 4409 Potts Rd Louisville KY, 40299

Sponsor an Animal: 

Have an opportunity to help support an animal of your choice or an animal you have made a connection with. These funds will go towards the supplies and care for one of our meaningful members. 

  • $400 – feed & supplies for 1 mini
  • $650 – feed, supplies, & farrier (hoof care) for 1 mini
  • $1000 – feed, supplies, farrier, & quarterly vet care for 1 mini

Items that we typically need include:

Animal Care

  • Flyspray
  • Cowboy magic detangler
  • Mini horse fly mask
  • Cow fly mask
  • Hoof dressing
  • Horse treats
  • Triple crown senior horse feed
  • Purina cattle feed
  • Esbilac milk replacer
  • Little hopper
  • Cedar shavings
  • Fine shavings (stall bedding)
  • Pine pellets
  • Baby wipes
  • Square bales hay
  • Round bales

Animal Supplies

  • Heated water buckets
  • 4ft-6ft gates
  • Rubber stall mats
  • Lean to shelter
  • Large Fans
  • Mini winter blankets
  • Overhead radiating heater
  • Security / monitoring cameras


  • Fencing
  • Fence post
  • Mulch
  • Landscape
  • Fence Paint
  • Grass seed
  • gravel/lime rock

Program Needs

  • Outdoor speakers
  • Van
  • Picnic tables
  • Real estate -additional land

Office Supplies

  • Printer
  • White paper
  • Envelopes
  • Temperature regulated facility 

Meaningful Menagerie is a 501(c)(3) charity and all donations are tax-deductible as permitted by law.